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How to take care of pets

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If you are a pet lover, you must understand that all animals deserve respect. Pets can be best friends and constant companions. When you own a pet, it deserves your respect and care.

As you respect and care your family and friends, in the same way, your pets deserve from your side. There may be some cases when people in your life don’t even like listening to you, but your pets aren’t as same as them. They’ll always listen to you. Thus, treating your pet with kindness is a great way to show them care and respect. They just want love from your side.

how to pet care



Steps you should take while taking care of your pets



Feed Your Pets Sufficiently




Feeding sufficiently is a priority for all kinds of pets. If you love your pet a lot but if you’re not feeding him properly, then there’s something you are missing out in your affection for him. Pets like those people who feed them. For example, consider astray, if you feed a stray for a long time, it’ll create some attachment between you and stray.

You should research many pet foods before buying them. Read the ingredients carefully just as you would do with your own food. Many pet foods on the market claim to be healthy but actually, they are not. If you don’t know which ingredients your pet needs, you must consult your veterinarian. The food you are giving to your pet must contain all the nutrients and minerals your pet needs to keep healthy and playful all the time.

Avoid overfeeding your pet. Often, they look at us with those innocent eyes, and we give them extra little treats. Feeding your pet in excess creates extra weight, which can lead to critical health problems and even early death.

Water is very essential. So, give your pet plenty of water. Many health problems may occur if your pet isn’t drinking enough water.



Exercise With Your Pet



Breathe and let breathe. This quote suitably fits in here. Pets need plenty of daily exercises, they need to get out of the house in order for you to train them. The physical activities keep the pets healthy, and fit. It is the best way they’ll listen to you and understand that they have one and only one owner. Obviously, they’ll also listen to others but will know how to behave and what to do only if you give them training well for it.

Exercising your pet is relaxing your pet as well as you. Going out with his owner is best for the pets because sometimes, pets want to break the monotony. So, let them free outside in the park, or ground. It helps them to burn off stored energy. It also gives you a chance to connect with your special friend. You can throw a ball at the park or tease them with a ball of yarn. By doing these activities, you will feel a special connection with your animal. Regular exercise is an important part to keep your pet healthy, happy and fresh. Without daily exercise, they can become overweight and more susceptible to illness.



Get Your Pet Groomed





Grooming is a great way to care for your pet. It keeps both you and your pet healthy and happy. You should develop a regular cleaning schedule, at least once every 2-3 weeks, and stick to it. You must clean your pet and its living spaces to prevent disease and odor.


If you have larger pets like cats and dogs, there are animal cleaning centers that have large tubs and hoses. Keeping up with regular grooming, such as brushing fur or scrubbing scales, every few days make your pet’s skin and hair clean. Make sure you keep your pet’s nails short, otherwise they can break painfully.


But remember, not to bathe your pet too often. Animals are susceptible to dry skin. It will make your pet itchy and uncomfortable, and will also fill your home with allergy.

Use best of the supplements for your pets. They help to protect your pet’s skin from dryness.


Use following guidelines for grooming of your pets


  • Clip their nails timely to prevent problems with walking.
  • Brush their teeth that will reduce bad breath.
  • Bath your pet. It will reduce dander and itching that will make your pet more comfortable.
  • Brush your animal’s coat that helps to keep your pet’s hair loss to a minimum.
  • Poke around on your pet’s skin to check for fleas, ticks, and leaves in your pet’s fur.






Take Your Pets for Check-Ups




Timely check-ups are MUST for all kinds of pets you have. Just like any other family member, your lovable pets also need regular check-ups to spot problems before they become serious conditions. We think you know that pets have allergies too and if they are not injected at a time, it can be more serious for the pets, even they can suffer from infections and allergies. By injecting and taking them for check-ups will keep your pet stays out of danger. Use your first visit to the veterinarian for discussing how often you should schedule check-ups and your pet’s dietary and medical needs.

Regular veterinarian visits are good for your pet as well as for your wallet. Early detection of any kind of illness, like food allergies and urinary tract infections which help prevent or cure these problems, before becoming serious or extremely expensive. You can also prefer homeopathic remedies for the prevention and cure of these types of illness and for overall natural pet health.

In case of some emergencies, having the record of your vet’s number as well as the number of a veterinary hospital is beneficial for you.


Keep a Regular Schedule




Scheduling is one of the very important things that you can do for your lovable pet and for yourself. After two-three repetitions, your pet will know at what time he needs to go out, play, take a nap or get ready for bed. It helps you create a great relationship with your pet

No matter which pets you have, taking care of them plays a vital role in letting them know you love them.

Building a daily routine for your pet is mutually beneficial for your pet as well as for you. Taking 20-to-30 minutes to walk your pets will not only give them happiness, even they also help you to clear your mind and get pumped up to move forward.

In addition to exercise, dogs also deserve love and attention from your side and thrive on an established routine. In terms of potty breaks and feeding times, scheduling is especially important. Dogs need enough sleep to function effectively.

Try incorporating a 10-minute block of training time for your pet every day. This can be a fun activity for you to break up your day, and an opportunity for your pet to learn something new.









Pets love to have someone’s presence around her all the time. So, it is your responsibility not to let them alone. Make sure that someone is always around to take care of the pets. If there is an emergency and all family members have to go somewhere, please don’t leave them alone, leave them at someone known’s house who is a pet lover, someone, whom can trust. A pet is one of your family members and his needs can be as big or small as yours. This is so important, so always keep in mind.

No one can judge the pets. Sometimes, they need shelter and a place to beat. And in the very next moment, their mind can be changed to go out. You should train your pet to make them disciplined. This will help both of you and your pet.



Pets Shelters




Adopting pets are just like bringing small babies to home. They’re as needful and as charming. If you’ve fully induced yourself to give shelter to a small new-born pet, then ensures that you’re also ready to do whatever it needs. Build a small home or a kennel and train your pet to go inside the home whenever it has to sleep.

It is necessary for the pets to start observing and responding to their owners. Sometimes, it gets out of control if they aren’t given the proper care they need. But, it is possible to let them your response to your commands if you will devote some time to train them.

If you are a dog lover, then it can be the great feeling for you to save a dog from a shelter. Shelters are painful places to visit, where lots of dogs are jammed into small and noisy spaces. These type of surroundings can affect dogs by making them depressed, anxious, even manic, So it is difficult to know what they really like or what they want







All animals need a place specific play for going to the bathroom. Unless you are able to train them to use the toilet, gerbils need a cage, cats need a litter box, and dogs need to go outside for bathroom. It is up to you to create a safe place for fulfilling your pets’ bathroom needs. If your pet is using some special lined area for bathroom, then it is very important to clean that place regularly.

The ultimate way is to train your pet to use the toilet for the bathroom.



Clean Environment



The clean environment is a basic and primary need because your pets will live where you do. If you want your pets to be free of germs, you need to keep your house clean and hygienic. Pets are really susceptible to getting infections if your house isn’t neat and tidy. Although, it is a different situation when your pets make their own mess.

Also, it is very important to know that whatever you use to clean your house should not be harmful to you and your pet. It is sure that you are going to be trained them enough not to climb on sofas and beds. And that’s why it is necessary to make sure that the floor is a good place to be.

A hygienic environment is a bacteria-free environment. Pets are prone to bacteria and pesticides because they’re always playing or rest either inside cages or on the floor. So, it is highly recommended that use a particular kind of cleaner in order to clean your house as pets might not react well to other cleaners.

If possible, ask the veterinarian to give or suggest you the cleaner which is suitable for both your family and your pet.







Loving your pet as same as you love all other family members is the most important point you should never forget. These small and lovable furry creatures need a lot of support and care when it comes to handling them. They will not tell, in fact, they don’t have ways to tell you how much they love and care you for being so affectionate and loving them. All of these pets need a little bit of discipline as well.

Discipline is important because, in this way, they won’t bite, scratch or snarl at anyone or any other pet. It is most important for them.

So, always mind it to take care of your pet as much as they deserve and you can. They will be very faithful to you, and can be your best buddies and can promise you to be with you through all the adverse situations without asking for too much or even irritating you!




Get your house ready for a new pet


If you are planning to get a new furry lovable animal to your home, before bringing it your home, make sure that your house is ready for the pet. Take a tour all around your home and yard with your parents and other family members, and consider these things:

  • Is your house have drains, broken concrete, swimming pools, or any holes that could be dangerous for your new pet, as he could fall into or get stuck in them. Before bringing the new pet, these holes, broken concrete, or drains need to be fixed.
  • Are there any gaps in the fence, or a broken gate? The gaps in the fence might allow your new small pet to get out of your yard that could be dangerous for him.
  • Are there any poisons, like snail bait, antifreeze, or other toxic chemicals present in your house? These chemicals are super-poisonous to animals, even results in the death of your pet if he inhales these toxic chemicals.
  • Check for dangling electrical cords inside or outside the house. Often, puppies, kittens, and rodents think they are toys and start to chew them. So, if there are any open wires, cover the cords or tape them down with industrial tape.
  • If there is valuable stuff like vase or model airplane that can be broken, put it up high.
  • Keep the small things or toys out of reach of little paws that an animal could choke on.



Pet Don’ts


  • Do not allow your pet to interfere with passers-by in the street.
  • Do not allow your pet to roam freely around the footpaths, parks or public places. Local authorities have all the rights to punish for committing this kind of offenses.
  • Do not allow your pet to make unnecessary noise in the public places.
  • Do not take your pet to places they are explicitly banned. These might include children’s play parks, some shops, and some beaches. Local Authorities can introduce Pet Control Orders that restrict access for pets in specified areas. Generally, places, where restrictions apply, will have signs.
  • Do not allow your pet to wander freely in grazed fields or through crops. They can ruin the crop.
  • Do not allow your pet to chase livestock or wildlife.
  • Do not leave your pet alone for long periods of time. Pets feel lonely just like humans. If you and your family have to go somewhere, leave your pet at your neighbor’s house.
  • Do not allow your pet to roam freely across the streets or countryside unsupervised.
  • Do not spoil your dog – spoilt dogs are as bad as spoilt children.
  • Do not leave your pet unattended in a vehicle for any period of time or left in vehicles on hot days.
  • Do not use insect sprays and weed killers on your pets or around your pets. If animals inhale or get poisons on their fur, they will lick them and can get very sick or even die.
  • Do not feed your pet chocolates. They can’t digest chocolate and can die from eating them in excess.
  • Do not allow your dog or cat to roam the neighborhood without you. He could get lost, hurt, or catch a disease from stray. Always keep him on a leash when you are taking him in public areas, like a park or busy street.
  • Never give your pets some human medicine. These medicines are not suitable for them. Keep all the medicines out of your pet’s reach.



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