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Best Dog Food Container

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If you want to save money, then buying a bulk amount of dry dog food is a great way Because it saves a little but assured money. But if the food in bulk amount is not stored properly, it would definitely lose some nutritional value. If it is happening, you can’t save any money at all, because you’ll be throwing out the dog food that could have been used if you possessed the proper storage tools.

But, according to an article in Dog World Magazine, dry dog foods that are packaged and stored also could lose up to 50% of its vitamins within six months.

Storage of dog food is a thing not to take lightly. If it is not done properly, you’re just going to waste your money, and you could probably make your dog very sick, even if you buy the best quality dog food. Even the high-quality dog food, if not stored properly, can develop bacteria, go rancid, develop mold or become infested with rodents and insects. So, if you want to store the dry food in bulk, your first and last need are a Best Dog Food Container.

If you are looking for the best dog food container products, you should remember that your dog food container needs to protect the food from – air, moisture, and extreme temperatures.

Some dog owners simply get a plastic or polyethylene container and make it useful as a pet food storage which could not properly airtight. These cans and bins must be sturdy, and chew-proof because your pooch will definitely try their luck! Without putting the dog food in a right food container, the food nutrients may degrade. Therefore, it is essential to have such a food container to retain the best quality of the served food to your loving pet.

Selection of the best dog food storage container depends on the type of dog food which you buy. Undoubtedly, if you buy dry dog food in bulk, you need a dog food container that can store the excess kibble in. What about canned food? If you ain’t using an entire can in one feeding, then you need to store the leftovers properly, even if you’ll be using the rest of the food within 24 hours. Dog treats (that you use for your dog training) should be stored properly as well.

How to Pick Up a Food Container


There are many things that are important for taking good care of your pooch, but a dog food container is probably one that carries the most importance. You need to search for the perfect dog container and for finding that, you have to focus on the following two areas.


If you buy a dog food in bulk, then you have to store a lot of food in your food container. Then, you need to realize that you should select a dog food container with the right volume which is very important. You need to store all the dog food in excess to store nutrition perfectly. This could happen if the volume of the food container is enough to hold it.

Temperature Control


Temperature is another one reason you should actually worried about. Different dog foods require a different kind of temperature to stay fresh and healthy. This is why temperature control is the important factor needs to be looked over. You need to buy a container that can keep your dog food in the suitable temperature. Read out the container’s and the dog food’s temperature information on the pack to choose the perfect food container to handle your lovable pet’s food.

Here are some of the best dog food containers,

  1. Airtight Pet Food Container


1. Airtight Pet Food ContainerIris Premium Airtight Pet Food Storage Container is dry dog food storage container which is little different from the others listed here. It has the large open lid that gives freedom to use comfortably. There are different size options are available of this container in the marketplace. It is better option to store up to 20 pounds of dry food.

The key element is, it meets all the FDA standards. If you have a limited space, you don’t need to worry about it. It fits easily in some small space. It has the airtight closed flip lid which keeps your dog’s food fresh for longer and safe from pests.

Customers love to give nice feedback about the product for its better airtight performance and small required space. Overall, it is an adorable product at a very affordable cost.


  • It is the best airtight container which keeps the food fresh for longer.
  • Great choice for small spaces.
  • Food grade good-quality plastic.
  • Meets the FDA standards.
  • BPA and pest-free.
  • Very reasonable price.


  • It is good only for dry food preservation.
  • It is not suitable for outdoor storage.


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  1. Smart Storage Pet Food Container

2. Smart Storage Pet Food Container

Bergan Smart Storage Pet Food Container is designed to compete with the Vittles Vault. To make its product more useful, Bergan model trades high-quality material for a few design tricks. This container comes with a beautiful design. It is the durable container which can be handled easily. It has a unique design which provides easy access to pet food for scooping and pouring.

This stackable pet food storage can keep a lot of food without taking more space. Storing food in this airtight container is very easier, reliable and enjoyable which retains your lovable dog’s food fresh for longer.

Three different sizes are available on the market according to the customer’s demand. Overall, it is an attractive and cheaper option than the Vittles Vault.


  • It is large size airtight pet food storage.
  • This container is made from sturdy, high-quality materials.
  • Perfect option for storing dry dog food.
  • It is relatively inexpensive.


  • It appears made with low-grade plastic.
  • The seal at the top is too big.
  • An airtight seal is not the best.
  • Easy access flap is just flimsy.
  • Relatively small for a food scoop.

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  1. Buddeez 12 Cup Capacity Treat Containers

Buddeez 12 Cup Capacity Treat Containers

Buddeez Stackable Treat containers can be a good choice for storing dog, cat and all small animal treats, chews, and small toys. It keeps everything organized and accessible easily. It is easy to identify contents contained in the container with latching clear front container door. It is made up of a good grade which can store and pour a 4 or 5-pound sugar bag with ease, BPA free, FDA approved plastic material which is easy to clean. It is small enough to be fitted in the dishwasher for easy washing. As it is stacked container, so it will fit with ease on a counter or in the pantry.



  • It is shaped well and has perfect size to store dog food and treats.
  • It is stackable so it fits in the pantry with ease.
  • Top shelf dishwasher safe.
  • Shuts tight which helps to make the food dust-free and pest-free.
  • FDA approved high-quality material.
  • Easily portable, a perfect choice for mini excursions or day trips.



  • May need two hands to open.
  • The door may fall off on some units.
  • It is not an ideal stuff for primary food storage.

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       3-Piece Airtight Pet Food Container Combo

3-Piece Airtight Pet Food Container ComboThis plastic dog treats containers are very popular among the pet owners due to its lightweight. Its seal is guaranteed airtight and it has snap-lock latches that help to keep your dog food moisture as well as pest-free.

The container is made up of high-quality plastic material that does not provide any plastic smell. One of the great advantage of this container that you can use it to store dog food, dog treats, cat food or bird seed, or any other type of foods. For the airtight seal, you can also use it as human food containers like flour and sugar.

The large part of the container stores 25 pounds of food and the smaller container on top can store an additional 10 pounds of food.

There are multiple color options available of this product. Colors include the pictured Chrome, Dark Gray, Blue, Blue Moon, Brown, Dark Green, Everglades Green, Green, Sage, Red, Orange, Pink, Purple, Navy Blue, and White.


  • It is combo pack of 3-piece pet food storage at a reasonable price.
  • Included food scoop is nice and sturdy.
  • Has perfect size which is easy to move and handle.
  • Customer’s feedback is positive.
  • Airtight that keeps the dog’s food fresh and pest-free.


  • Smaller than expected.
  • Some customers stated that customer service is not good.

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  1. Pet Food Storage Can

Pet Food Storage CanIf you want to have high-end finished product to match modern fixtures, simple human Pet Food Storage can is a better option for you. This product provides much more than the aesthetic benefits, there are some convenient touches present in this pet food storage container. The interior BPA-free liner is removable for easy cleaning. The food scoop is mounted to the inside of the lid with a magnet. The latch is not as flimsy as you might find on the plastic option, and the seal clamps down tightly for a good seal.

It is much expensive. The cheapest option found being the 25 liters which can hold 27 pounds of food which come under $100, and if you go to the top of the range 40 liters that can hold 40 pounds of food for $40 more.

It is relatively easy to remove dents and scratches from the fingerprint-proof brushed stainless steel. Additionally, it keeps pests out and looks great in a kitchen.


  • Very high-end finished look to match modern fixtures.
  • Casters make it easy to move.
  • High-quality handle clamp.
  • Food scoop mounts under the lid with a magnet.



  • Awfully expensive.
  • Material quality may not measure up to the price.
  • It dents easily.
  • Wheels don’t work well on hard and rough surfaces.

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  1. Pet Stuff Tower for Food Storage

Pet Stuff Tower for Food StoragePets are part of the family too, so they also need some space to store their personal items. If there is limited space you have to store your lovable dog’s items, then you might go with this slim profile storage tower. Richell’s Pet Stuff Tower could be a perfect choice. You can even mount this container onto the wall to save more floor space.

This Tower contains two storage bins with snap-lock lids to keep dog food fresh and pest-free. Each bin can hold about eight pounds of dog food. The bottom bin contains a foot pedal for providing you with convenient hands-free access to pet food. Side hooks of the container hold leashes and bags which come with a food scoop.



  • Great dog food storage option for limited space.
  • A foot pedal activates bottom bin for convenient hands-free access.
  • Can be mounted to the wall, which saves the more floor space.
  • Includes food scoop.



  • The capacity of the container is much relatively less as compared to the other food storage options.
  • Not airtight.
  • Bins don’t come out which makes cleaning much difficult.
  • Bin lids can’t stay open while scooping.

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  1. Our Pets Store-N-Feed Adjustable Feeder

Our Pets Store-N-Feed Adjustable FeederIf you want to save some space, then you can go with OurPets Store-N-Feed Adjustable Feeder, using this you can combine food storage with the feeding area. The bottom of this container holds up to 20 pounds of food. Although it isn’t especially airtight or pest-proof, usually customers always give this product better reviews.

It comes with two metal dishes, but one dish could be taken out to put a water bottle into the notch on one side to create a self-watering system. It has 20 lbs. of food storage, but you can also store the things other than food, such as toys. Overall, it is an efficient little unit which comes in two sizes to address the height of most dogs.

It promotes healthy feeding by minimizing bloat problems. It is made of high-quality plastic which assures long-time durability. It is a good choice for mini excursions.


  • Very convenient all-in-one-approach.
  • Can be easily adjusted between 8 and 12-inch heights by rotating 180 degrees.
  • 20 pounds of storage capacity.



  • Not properly airtight.
  • Not easy to put the top back.
  • If used it as food storage, you’re foregoing the self-watering feature.
  • Doesn’t always stay well in the raised position.

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  1. Little Giant Galvanized Steel Chow Hound Dog Feeder

Little Giant Galvanized Steel Chow Hound Dog FeederIt is the best combination of storage and feeding solution. The Chow Hound Automatic Dog Feeder is made of tough galvanized steel for providing durability and rust resistance. It has a specially angled chute which provides a steady flow of food on demand.

This chew-proof dog food container stores your lovable pooch’s food safely. It has a magnetized door which stays shut until your dog nudges it open, keeping unwanted pests out.

This product works as a giant hopper.  It allows food to fall freely to the bottom. The container has a door which closes firmly with the use of a magnet. You might have to give your dog a small training about how to open it at first, once he figures it out, he’ll be able to feed freely. It closes enough to keep the dog food fresh for several days, but it isn’t completely airtight. It can hold 25 pounds of food.


  • It can be hanged on the wall which saves floor space.
  • High quality steel construction.
  • The magnetic door shuts automatically that keeps pests out.



  • As on-demand feeding is not for every dog, overeating of food is possible often.
  • Improper installation can make the magnet misaligned.
  • Not properly airtight.

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  1. 4×4 North America Pet Box

Long-term storage of the food isn’t the only reason to store food for your pet. There is a need of specialized food storage solutions for day trips, and sometimes for mini excursions.

4×4 North America Pet Box is a combination of a feeding tray with two sections that contain two cups of food or 12 ounces of water. It is comfortable to hold and very easy to use. If needed, you could fill both of the sections with food for a total of four cups, which will store perfectly when attached to the jug. At the time of feeding, detach the water jug, and let your dog eat freely, after the completion of his feeding fill the bowls with water. It is a great choice for hikes and camping.


This pet food box is made of durable plastic and there are many colors are available in the market, you can prefer any one of them.



  • High quality plastic construction.
  • The combination of the water jug and dish solution.
  • Can hold two cups of food and 70 ounces of water.
  • Easy to handle.



  • Not suitable for long-term food storage.
  • Only one meal is worth of food capacity at a time.
  • Much costlier.






  1. Pet Food Storage POP Container

Pet Food Storage POP ContainerThe OXO PET FOOD STORAGE POP CONTAINER is perfectly airtight, space-efficient and stackable containers, which make it easy to keep your dry pet foods fresh, organized and pest-free. The POP Containers are much more than providing the storage space, their rounding corners and wide opening allow for easy to hold and for pouring. It is great for storing toys, bones, treats, and more. The lid of the container comes apart for easy cleaning.

These containers have a unique push-button design that creates a seal which can also pop up into a handle that you can be used for lifting and re-attaching the lid.

The OXO PET FOOD STORAGE POP CONTAINER comes in seven varying sizes that range from 1.1 quarts to 5.8 quarts, which makes it ideal for holding 16 ounces of dog food up to 6.5 pounds.



  • Push-button easily creates an airtight seal.
  • Its size is convenient for storage.
  • It can be cleaned easily by separating the lid from the container.
  • Wide corners make it easy to pour.



  • Some units have a difficult to remove the label.
  • Push-button tend to loosen up with time.
  • Some of the reviews from the customers claim that the seal on the pet version of the product isn’t as good as the human version.

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